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Vinyl Fence Products - Privacy and Picket

Vinyl privacy fence. Vinyl, an attractive and low-maintenance option for any fencing project, comes in privacy, picket and ranch rail. Classic white, almond and deep rich wood grains are just a few of the many colors available. Vinyl can give the look of a traditional white picket fence all the way to a fence that looks like wood, or combine colors to create extra depth and texture. Visit our Fence Gallery to see the variety of vinyl styles that we sell and install.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Great Falls Fence's commercial grade vinyl fencing is a much higher quality than the box stores. All of our products are built on site using routed posts and rails. Each panel can span up to eight feet and no wood is necessary in the structural integrity of this product. A steel rod insert runs the length of each panel giving it maximum strength. It is easy and inexpensive to replace small sections and parts if a vinyl fence is damaged. The box stores sell pre-built panels forcing the customer to buy a complete panel if repairs are needed.

Vinyl Picket Fence

Vinyl pickets give the look of the classic American fence and are available in many styles including open picket, closed picket and scalloped picket. Fence heights range from three to six feet. Unlike the box stores, our posts do not need wood inside the posts for support and the rails do not need any brackets. The posts are routed to accept the rails and the rails are routed to accept the pickets which are inserted into the rails rather than glued to the sides of the rails creating a structurally superior product.

Vinyl Ranch Rail

A classically beautiful choice for a low maintenance perimeter fence is vinyl ranch rail, which comes with two, three and four rails. Great Falls Fence sets the posts in concrete on eight foot centers. The sixteen foot rails are pre-notched. Please call Great Falls Fence for a free estimate or click on the contact form and send us an email.

Interested in installing your own vinyl fence? Check out The Online Fence Store for detailed information on all the parts you'll need or use the material calculator for a detailed parts list on your next do it yourself vinyl fencing project. If you would rather have us install the fence then call us at 509-342-7410 or use the contact form. Our estimates are always free.

Home » Products » Vinyl-fence
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